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the Tourist Office manages for you:

- Tours Organization of The Private Island of River Hotel in the archipelago of Pirates
- Visits & Hatien around
- taxi booking, hotel ...
- Tickets boat and bus
- Rental car & motorcycle ...
- Transfers & Tours Cambodia 

The Archipelago Pirates

"ARCHIPELAGO PIRATES" is located at the western end of Vietnam, near the Cambodian border,
between Ha Tien and Phu Quoc Island. Made up of 16 small islands, the islands Pirates have endured domination pirate "Black Sails" in all the Gulf of Thailand in the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth century. 

Legend has it that pirates buried their treasure in the archipelago but it is not found to this day. 

The 2 Islands To Visit

Discover the largest island of the archipelago of Pirates 


The largest island of the archipelago of pirates, or 200 families of fishermen live.
On the island: temple, crafts, aquaculture ... 35 minutes from Hatien

unforgettable stay on the island of Private River Hotel


Come enjoy a dream moment on an authentic PRIVATE ISLANDor once lived pirates in the Gulf of Thailand. 40 minutes from Hatien. 
On The Island:  attentive personnel, electricity, fresh water, restaurant, showers & toilets, 
2 bungalows with fans, with mezzanines 14 huts, kiosks with hammocks.
Activities on the island:  relaxation, beach, swimming, fishing, snorkeling excursion.
Capacity:  The Private Island of River Hotel can accommodate up to 250 people.

2 Islands Pirates 
"Hòn Đốc"  &   "Hòn Tre Vinh"

08h00: Departure by boat to the islands of the Pirates.
8:40: Arrive on the island of "HON HAI TIEN được". Visit the island
10h00: Departure to the Private Island River Hotel "Hòn Tre Vinh"
10:10: Arrival on the island
11.30: Lunch in the restaurant area with fresh seafood  or special meals ordered in advance . (Buffet, BBQ ...)
Afternoon: relaxation, beach, fishing, snorkeling ...
17.00: Back to Hatien.

Possible option: Night on the Island "Hòn Tre Vinh"
Program hours / return are suitable for application

Number                 Price per day
  1-10                7,000,000 đ (overall price)
  11-20                650,000 đ / person
  21 - 30              630.000 đ / person
  31 and over       610,000 đ / person

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Private Island  River's Hotel 
"Hòn Tre Vinh"

08h00: Departure by boat to the islands Pirates ..
8:40: Arrive on the private island of River Hotel "Hòn Tre Vinh." Discovery of the island.
11:30: Lunch in the restaurant area with fresh seafood or special meals ordered in advance. (Buffet, BBQ ...)
After Pm: relaxation, beach, fishing, snorkeling ...
17.00: Back to Hatien.

Possible option: Night on the Island Hòn Tre Vinh
Program hours / return adaptable on demand

 Number              Price per day 
   1-10                    6,500,000 đ (overall price)
   11-20                     600,000 đ / person
   21-30                     580.000đ / person
   31 and over          550,000 đ / person

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Private Island River Hotel "Hòn Tre Vinh"

For a romantic surprise, a business, a family reunion, filming commercials / video clips ... 
Your desires & Your program. 
From 1 to 250 people. Options: special meals, decorations, entertainment, night on the island ...

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Night Private Island  in the River HoteL    "Hòn Tre Vinh"

Dinner on the beach - Night on the island - Breakfast - 10h Back
This NIGHT option is to combine one of our tours 1 day.

Experience a unique getaway, with friends or family, 
spending a night on the private island of the River Hotel in the archipelago of pirates.

Special dinner on the beach included *: Assorted Grilled prepared by our local team. Beverage: mineral water bottle included. 
Other extra drinks and order when booking.

Breakfast included: noodles with seafood, coffee, coffee with milk, tea, mineral water. Alternate menu on request. 

Possible option: campfire, night fishing line or net.

Prices: Prices excluding non-listed drinks.
hammock with mosquito:
250.000 Đ / Person

Tent or Hut with mezzanine
250,000 Đ / Person

Bungalow with fan: 
350.000 Đ / Person

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Tourism & Private Island prices Children:  Free for 1 child under 6 years old, a second child is taxed 50% of adult fare. The price for children 6 years old and taller than 1m high is taxed 50% of adult fare. Children over 12 are charged at the adult rate.

Tourism Hatien & Surroundings

The city of Hatien crossed by the river Giang Thanh, is lined with beautiful beaches of white or black sand, 
mountains, and also has a rich cultural heritage with many sites to visit.
 (Pagodas, temples, lakes, caves, catholic church, markets ...)
Hatien is only 7 km from the Cambodian border, 40 minutes from the archipelago of pirates, 1 H10 of the famous island of Phu Quoc.

Opportunity to be accompanied by a River Guide Hotel (Vietnamese / English / French)

To visit

Ile Phu Quoc

At 1.15H boat this island often called "the pearl of Asia, is a beautiful setting with huge white beaches and the sea turquoise.

Chùa Tam Bảo

Temple 1730 on a 2.5 hectares. It was repaired several times because of the weather and war. Tam Bao has a unique architecture and relics anciens.

Mui Nai Beach

5km from the city center, beach of brown sand, lined with restaurants and shops souvenirs.

Thach Dong Cave

Rocher height of 80m. Inside a huge cave with many stalactites multi-platform, an old Buddha temple ... Tom Dong is also famous for its legend about the Vietnamese hero Tom Sach who saved the princess province.

Đầm Đông Hồ

Area of 14km2, the "poetic Lake", is surrounded by mountains and rivers. You can boat, explore its diverse ecosystem and enjoy the beauty of the lake, especially at sunrise and sunset.

Lăng Mạc Cửu

The tomb of Mac CCU is to honor this Chinese adventurer who discovered the country of Ha Tien in the early eighteenth century. Mac GCU is a complex tombs, shrines and temples manufacturer- 300 years ago with the combination of Vietnamese and Chinese architecture.

Da Dung mountain

Da Dung Mountain 6km from the city Ha tien, was an important strategic base during the war. It consists of a large number of caves with stalactites gleaming like pearls and a historique relic.

Hon Chong

Surname "Bay of Halong" of South Vietnam. Legend says that, represented by two rocks, a father and child together, defeated the monster of the sea to protect their village. The Hon Chong has beautiful beaches such as Bai and Bai Duong SAD and an ancient temple called Hang temple.

Xa Xia temple

Temple Khmer with a unique style and fantastic architecture. The temple is the cultural center of the local Khmer community and also the venue for many festivals.


Transfert Cambodia. Transport, visas, hotels ... Cities Kep, Kampot, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville Islands.

The Tourist Office of River Hotel organizes for you a customized program.